My History

A passion for makeup (really, all things cosmetic), along with a desire to obtain a makeup artistry certification, evolved into Bethany BathhouseTM. I never really thought of myself as an artist in the practical term, having worked in the Information Technology (IT) field; Scientists are not artists. However, when trying out new products, I always found myself saying, this product would be much better if it had this, or didn’t have that, etc. Hence, my curiosity led me to researching the various ingredients in cosmetic products; what’s needed to create them, and what’s NOT needed to create them. My wheels began turning, and Voila, why not formulate my own products! 

My passion, along with my business background, helped give birth to Bethany BathhouseTM, artisan made, natural personal care products. 

Why Bethany?  Bethany was the home of the siblings Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, as well as that of Simon the Leper. Jesus lodged there after his entry into Jerusalem, and it could be from Bethany that he parted from his disciples at the Ascension. Ancient Bethany was the site of an almshouse for the poor and a place of care for the sick.  To read more about Bethany, click here.

My vision for Bethany Bathhouse and Wellness Spa is to offer bath and body products, handmade using the best natural nutrient-rich ingredients. My long term vision is to become a place for wellness, mental or physical. More to come on that later.  I look forward to growing this business with you by my side!